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Quality Green Carpets for Your Ace Timber Floors

You can get timber flooring in any hue and dosing to match personal tastes, especially with the versatility of the products we offer. Now at Ace Timber, we have green carpeting options to complement your elegantly timeless wooden flooring and here’s why you should get one.

Our Carpet Collection

By teaming up with Access GreenbyDesign, we bring our customers eco-friendly carpeting options that cater to a myriad of décor needs. Whether you are furnishing your baby’s bedroom, decorating a new office, or trying out a new interior theme for a client, you have more than enough choices. You can pick a carpet based on its construction and style.

The three basic constructions for carpets are loop pile, cut pile, and cut & loop pile. Loops are the original design, and then they are cut for the “cut pile” feel. If you are looking for loop pile fibers, we have; Berber, Level Loop, and Multi-Level Loop.

Our cut pile carpeting includes:

  • Saxony
  • Textured Saxony
  • Velvet
  • Frieze and Shag

Level Cut & Loop and Random Shear make up our cut and loop pile options.

More about Carpet Types

Edwardian Life – if you want to compliment your floors with a vibrant tone, Edwardian carpeting will achieve that. Create a relaxing living space by simply adding a chic and informal carpet.

Contemporary Life – This design is for the homeowner who wants to keep up with the evolving trends. Regardless of the color of your timber flooring, a contemporary carpet will bring out its best features.

Country Life – wicker chairs, bamboo flooring, and colorful pillows on the sofa; what can complete the perfect country look? A Country Life style carpet from Access Greenbydesign. The all-natural build of the carpeting adds to the authenticity of the theme.

Commercial Style – the carpeting in your office lobby or meeting room has to harmonize with the image of the business. Whether it’s a Berber or Frieze, our commercial office carpets will make a room look professional without being too serious.

Ace Timber believes that your wooden flooring deserves quality protection. The environmentally friendly carpeting options by Access GreenbyDesign are not only safe for hardwood and bamboo flooring, but they also guarantee better indoor air quality. Match your high-end flooring with luxurious green carpeting.

Why Your Timber Flooring needs Carpeting

Wooden floors can last a long while but only with the proper maintenance. One care tip for your flooring is to cover it with superior standard carpeting. The floor has to take in a lot of traffic, and that constant use can cause significant wear. Carpets minimize the pressure your flooring has to accommodate. Besides, it prevents scuffing from shoes.

For a household with children, the flooring has to deal with scratches as the kids play with their toys not to mention accidental (or intentional) food spills. Timber floors can stain very easily so the right carpet can save you costly damages. If your wooden floor is in direct sunlight, carpeting will reduce exposure and consequently its effects such as discoloration.