Timber Floor Installation & Showroom in the Northern Beaches

Ace Timber Floors is the leading flooring and timber specialist servicing the Northern Beaches. We stock and install premium hardwood timber, laminate, engineered and carpets. If you are looking to renovate or transform your home with new flooring today, Ace Timber Floors can assist you from finding the right product and colour, through to installation. Avoid hiring multiple trades and contacts – Ace Timber Floor is your one stop shop for everything flooring in the Northern Beaches.

Ace Timber Floors focuses on providing premium products and exceptional customer service throughout your flooring installation process. We understand the pitfalls and finer details that flooring installers may overlook. Additionally, we ensure that any issues, concerns, or queries are handled by a dedicated point of contact throughout the entire experience. We offer competitive prices to customers in the Northern Beaches for our Australian sourced timber supplied by renowned brands such as Preference Floors, Quick-Step, Plank Floors and many more.

Flooring Products in the Northern Beaches

Ace Timber Floors have provided flooring services to countless customers since 2008. With over a decade of experience, the team at Ace Timber Floors understand the best suited materials for your home, lifestyle, and budget. See our showroom today or call us for more information on our flooring products or installation services.

Hardwood Flooring/solid Timber Flooring

Hardwood flooring or otherwise known as solid timber can transform your home overnight. Known for its high-quality feel and look, it also aids in providing better air quality within the home as it does not trap allergens like carpet. A well-maintained hardwood/solid floor may look brand new for years on end. Ace Timber Floor stocks a huge range of different hardwood/solid timber flooring, all with their own unique colours, grains and width to suit your home in the Northern Beaches.

Engineered Timber

Engineered timber gives you the look of hardwood flooring at a lower price tag. It is low maintenance and has similar properties to hardwood flooring. The only difference lies in the layers below the surface timber layer. Instead of being hardwood timber/solid timber all the way through, the layers underneath is made of plywood, compiled in different directions, and manufactured to create a solid piece. It is an affordable alternative if you enjoy the look and feel of solid timber/hardwood flooring, but you do not want the upkeep of timber hardwood. It also has far more options for colours and thicknesses such as 15mm and 21mm, with 4mm and 6mm wear layers, respectively. If you would like to know more about installing engineered timber in your Northern Beaches home, contact Ace Timber Floors today.


Laminate’s affordable price tag does not mean that it is of less quality. In fact, its resin external layer can sustain heavy footfall and scratches from young children and pets. It is compiled of composite wood layers. The top layer is synthesised to mimic the look of timber wood. It is easy to install and does not require heavy maintenance. Though its downfall is its weakness to withstand water, there is a huge range of high-quality European made laminate flooring that have a complete waterproof surface. If you would like to know if laminate is suitable for your Northern Beaches home, speak to one of the members at Ace Timber Floors today.

Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid floors combine the best of vinyl and laminate flooring. That is, a flooring that is sturdy, durable and looks the part. It is a low maintenance option and comes in a wide range of different colour tones and shades. Its waterproofing abilities means that you can install it in the kitchen and laundry. We stock Iconic Hybrid Planks, Aspire, Easy plank and Viva Hybrid Planks.


Vinyl flooring is perfect for those who dislike the sound of heavy footfall. Its ability to absorb sound and soft under-foot, makes it perfect for apartments and is great for those who require a more cushioned flooring without the need to install carpet. It retains heat and is great for walking barefoot all year round. For comfort, low-maintenance, and water-resistance, it is the perfect option for your Northern Beaches home.


Carpet is a classic choice for flooring as it provides a sense of comfort and coziness. Soft to the touch, it keeps you and your home warm during the colder months. We teamed up with Quest carpets to supply you with some of the most sustainable and eco-friendly carpets made in Australia – all at an incredibly low, competitive price.

Carpets also come in a large range of colours and construction styles. These include loop pile, cut pile, and cut & loop pile. We believe that your wooden flooring deserves quality protection. Therefore, our carpeting options are safe for your hardwood flooring with a guarantee for better indoor air quality. Keep your high-end timber flooring well maintained underneath our carpet products.

Northern Beaches Flooring Installation

At Ace Timber Floors, we stand out from the rest by providing you complete transparency and project management from start to finish. That is, we invite you to our beautiful showroom where you can see the different flooring options and feel it beneath your feet. Once your desired flooring is chosen, we visit your Northern Beaches home to measure and provide a quote for the flooring. From there, we have an experienced team to install your flooring, all the while keeping you in the loop with the entire project. We value a high-quality service to match our high-quality products. Therefore, if you want a premium, yet obtainable flooring installation experience, contact Ace Timber Floors for more information. We are sure to find a flooring solution that works for you and falls within your budget.