Install New Flooring In Willoughby North

Ace timber floors provide high quality installation, fine sanding and sealing of all types of timber floors. Our team of flooring professionals have installed thousands of timber, laminate, vinyl, hardwood/ solid timber, carpet and hybrid flooring, so you can be reassured that your Willoughby North property is well looked after when working with Ace Timber Floors. We give you peace of mind when we utilise state of the art machinery and professional knowledge to provide you with high quality flooring services.

Our flooring services involve a wide range of customisable flooring options. We have a selection of beautifully designed and crafted timber floors that are perfect for any property in Willoughby North. We can guarantee that your home will offer a completely fresh and new atmosphere when your flooring has been updated. We also offer laminate, vinyl flooring for those who are after a more durable and flexible option.

Flooring Installation Willoughby North

Ace Timber Floors will reach your property and complete our job in a quick and efficient manner, with little disturbance to your day to day activities. We will assess the situation, identify your area and space to ensure you receive the best solution for your home. We have a step by step process that details how we work at Ace Timber Floors. To be sure you receive high quality flooring service, you must visit our showroom first and we are happy to provide you with a competitive quote.

Types of Flooring In Willoughby North


Vinyl is the most durable flooring option on the market and it is the most versatile to work with. Vinyl can be suitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, commercial spaces and shopping centres. Vinyl is highly comfortable to walk on and reduces loud noises that may come from walking on another flooring. Vinyl is suitable for homeowners that may have kids or pets. Vinyl is resistant to scratches and marks so if you spill something on your vinyl flooring, don’t worry is it simple to maintain and clean.

Engineered Timber flooring

Engineered timber floors are less costly than your solid timber flooring, they are also hard to tell the difference between engineered timber and hardwood flooring making it a great alternative for those after a cheaper option. Engineered timber flooring has a real layer of wood/veneer over the top to give you that natural timber feel. Engineered timber flooring is resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity compared to solid wood flooring.


Similar to vinyl, laminate flooring is durable and is layered with an aluminium oxide coating ensuring laminate floors are resistant to scratches, dents, marks and fading. Laminates structure is cost effective and has been engineered to ensure it is suitable for high traffic homes with kids and pets in Willoughby North.

Hardwood/Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber flooring will enhance your Willoughby North property with a touch of elegance. Solid timber flooring adds warmth to your space while remaining strong and durable. Solid timber flooring provides better air quality and will increase your properties value.


Carpet is warm and comfy, to sit, play or work giving your Willoughby North property an overall warmer feeling. Carpet provides thermal insulation and resistance, making it particularly suitable for the colder seasons, it also retains warm air a lot longer than non carpet flooring.

How Much Does Flooring Installation Cost?

The cost of installing a new floor will depend on a range of factors, including the selection of your flooring material. You may select a timber floor or a vinyl floor; both come at a different price range. Another consideration is the size of your space; installing a new floor for an entire property will be more expensive compared to installing a new floor in the kitchen. For a quote of your property, contact Ace Timber Floors today and we will be happy to help you out with a competitive quote.

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For all your flooring installation, fine sanding and sealing, contact Ace Timber Floors today and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you with your flooring installation.