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Enhance your residential or commercial property today with Ace Timber Floors hardwood/ solid timber flooring. Hardwood/ solid timber flooring provides a sleek and modern look to any area whether it may be a small office space or large home setting. Hardwood/ solid timber flooring is one of the most versatile and beautiful floor options on the market.   The flooring is simple to maintain and can add elegance to any room with its unique and natural vibrancy. Hardwood/ solid timber flooring is suitable for any setting offering a solid classic or modern feel with a number of colours and designs, grades to select from. Our flooring is a natural product that adds warmth and inviting ambience to any commercial or residential property.

What is hardwood/solid timber flooring

Hardwood/ solid timber flooring is a very versatile product with functionality and sophisticated designs available.  Offering a simple and professional installation process our flooring is guaranteed to be a highlight in any room. Our Hardwood/ solid timber flooring originates from trees, which are harvested following an extended time to allow the wood to become resilient, and hard-wearing.


  • Durability –hardwood/ solid timber flooring is very resilient and will last for many years. Hardwood/solid timber flooring is the perfect option for those areas that are subject to heavy traffic, as they are able to withstand tough shoes and children playing. With correct maintenance and upkeep, hardwood/solid timber flooring will outlast other flooring options.
  • Maintenance -hardwood / Solid timber flooring is simple to clean with a sweep or vacuum. Hardwood/ solid timber flooring is a popular option for people looking to buy a house, as carpet can become quite outdated, dull and replaceable however hardwood/ solid timber flooring will always be on-trend and with simple cleaning your floor will always look new and fresh.
  • Various Styles – Hardwood/ solid timber flooring is available in many styles and colours ranging from beautiful Australian species, oaks warm walnuts and striking cherry all can be sanded and stained to suit your preference. Change your floor and you change the look and feel to suit your living or office space.


  • Hardwood/ solid timber will not be approved by most buildings that are strata maintained.
  • Cost – Hardwood/solid timber floor is a beautiful material however the price will vary depending on the quality and the grade of your flooring you select. Installation costs include subflooring, which also will depend on the condition of your original floor, and if any flooring is to be lifted before the new flooring is laid.
  • In the winter months, timber flooring can be cold and you may look into under floor heating system to warm rooms. However, there is always the option of purchasing a rug for months and to lay over your timber flooring and then removing it in the cooler months.

Is Hardwood/ solid timber Flooring right for you?

hardwood flooring is the perfect option for any home or office! The durability and versatility of hardwood flooring will not only enhance the lighting and ambience of your space, but it will also suit any style of property. Hardwood flooring will perform well when subject to heavy foot traffic and various spills and scratches. If you have little time to maintain your floors, then hardwood flooring is the right choice for you.

Contact Ace Timber Floors today and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you with your hardwood / solid timber flooring.

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